C’est l’automne


We have been feeling very autumnal in UKS2 this week – we learned the phrase il y a which means both there is and there are! Then we learned lots of useful autumnal words, and talked about playing conkers ( les marrons) . I like the fact that everyone seems to have their own method of hardening their conkers 😂.

Here are the first drafts of Y4s work which we will copy up neatly next week!

Je m’appelle and voici


In Rising Stars we had a special treat ! Last week Camembear had shown the children photos of his home town – including a picture of his breakfast in a café. This week they had some delicious croissants to taste !

Then we learned how to answer “comment t’appelles-tu? with Je m’appelle … ( I’ll be honest … at times it did remind me of Joey in a certain “Friends” episode😂) . But we are only in our 5th week of French and it’s fab to see such progress- it was lovely to see one little boy speak to me for the first time, and then even whisper to Camembear in French ❤️

In Year 3 we listened to a story in French – the children were fantastic at translating the story back into English. We then practised our animal names while playing snakes and ladders!



Bonjour and bonne rentrée ! Welcome back to a new year of learning French. This term is a bit different, as I will be in school 2 days a week, teaching French to Rising Stars and Y3 on Tuesdays and Y4/5/6 on Thursdays 😊

Today was my first lesson in Rising Stars, where we met a very special Teddy called Camembear.

We learned how to say ” Bonjour Camembear” and “Bonjour les amis” (hello friends) and had great fun playing cache cache ( hide & seek) with him. If you see him around school at all, make sure you say Bonjour Camembear!

Then in Y3 we learned to say bonjour, salut, bonsoir and bonne nuit! We also learned some BSL ( sign language) too ! We then learned a finger rhyme called Deux Petits Oiseaux⬅️click on this link to practise it ! Remember 2 important rules in French – saying bonjour whenever you meet someone is very polite, and also that last letters are usually silent. Oh, and we met my friend Claude who likes to help me in French lessons!would be fantastique if you could practise your greetings and the finger rhyme before next Tuesday- perhaps you could answer the register by saying one of the French greetings you have learned today? À bientôt ! ❤️🇫🇷

Bonnes Vacances!


Have a great summer everyone! When we get back in September I’m very much looking forward to being in school for 2 days a week – I’ll be teaching 🇫🇷in Rising Stars and Y3 on Tuesdays and in Y4/5/6 on Thursdays 😄 À bientôt 😄❤️🇫🇷🌞

Au revoir , à la prochaine, goodbye until we meet again


Today was Year 6’s leavers’ assembly – well done, you did a fabulous job! And the French song at the end was lovely! Good luck in your new schools les enfants – and I hope you enjoy your language learning journey, whichever language you choose at secondary school. Vous allez nous manquer ! Click on the link under the photo to hear the song again ! ❤️🇫🇷


eTwinning visit to Eagle Heights


Wow what a day !!!! ❤️ Thank you so much to everyone who made yesterday possible. As you may know, the staff at WCPS and our eTwinning partners École Gambetta Cambrai had spent a long time planning a joint visit to London. However, recent events in London had caused a few concerns to some pupils and parents, so to avoid any anxiety, the decision was made to change the trip rather than cancel it. Organising a trip involving 100 people from 2 schools, from 2 countries with different rules & regulations is a challenge in its own right. Reorganising one and finding somewhere suitable, available and within equal striking distance in less than a week is phenomenal! Well done and thank you to Miss Dring, Mrs Billingham & team for not giving up!

We all got up at the crack of dawn, to set off at 6 am sharp. En route we stopped off for a French themed breakfast of croissants, pancakes & juice . 

The journey took about 5 hours to get to Eagle Heights. École Gambetta were there, waiting for us when we arrived at 11:00. First contact was fab, with the children seeking out their pen pals in Y5, introducing themselves in French and English.

We got into our groups, then went for our picnic lunch – it was a glorious day, and we had spectacular views of the countryside as we started to get to know our partners. 

The French children were very curious about our school uniform! After lunch, I explained the team packs & the quiz rules, then we watched a fabulous falconry / birds of prey display – some of them flew really close to our heads!


Then we got started on the quiz !! The French and English children were in mixed groups & had to collaborate to complete their tasks – they had to answer questions in both languages and use the iPad in their team pack to take group photos and films around the site. When I get all the pictures & footage back, I’ll add up the points & announce the winning team! So far I only have my pictures, but when I get the rest I’ll add them to the French blog for you.

After the quiz, we took part in a “husky” experience- Eagle Heights are also a rescue centre for Huskies, so some of them were brought out for us to pet! 

We then had a group photo and time to play in the playground together before catching the coaches back home.


We stopped off for a picnic tea on the way home, eventually getting back to Barnsley at 9:00. Pupils from both schools were amazing – you really made us all very proud of you, well done!